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I created this blog to share some of what I have learned over the years about hopes and dreams and plans and to learn even more from a dialogue with my readers about their experiences.

I have developed several writing skills by working in production and with scripts in television and film, been a dedicated student of human nature, had a private practice in psychotherapy with clients of all ages and dynamics, taught psychotherapy in a master’s degree program at a California state university, and have written and published several books, including a four-part series that so far has won twenty four independent book festival awards.

From my childhood I wanted to be a writer. I was not going to marry young. I wanted a career… not a common choice at that time.

After graduating from a very well respected university known for its television and film schools with a major from the college of communication, I worked at advertising agencies as a creative director and writer, which led to a career in local television.

But soon I left my Midwestern home state and moved to Hollywood. Yes, literally, Hollywood, under the Hollywood sign, no less.

I spent many years in the national television and film industry. I worked from show to show as an independent subcontractor. I worked behind the cameras on over a hundred productions, developing my expertise and skills in working with scripts. I was fortunate to learn about storylines, pacing and characters from some of the greatest talents in entertainment over many years. When cable television was developing, I was the associate director on what I understand was the first HBO dramatic production and on the taping of one of the first live concerts to be edited into many music videos, starring  Phil Collins.

And then I met my future husband. After we were married, we struggled with infertility. I quit working and began infertility treatments. After several years we accepted it was not meant to be.

I wanted to work with children and became a licensed psychotherapist. I opened a successful private practice.

My husband and I very much wanted a child. We decided to adopt. We met a very young couple who were searching for adoptive parents.

We became the parents of a most beautiful baby boy, for whom I was the labor coach. And we had a wonderful relationship with his birth parents’ families and still do. Sadly my husband died when my son was 12 years old. It’s been the two of us, my son and I, for many years now with the support of wonderful friends and neighbors.

I began teaching in master’s degree classes in a psychotherapy program at a California state university. I retired from my psychotherapy private practice.

I decided I needed to find a way to make additional income due to the absence of my late husband’s contribution, to support my son’s college education.  A number of themes that had bounced around in my head for a long time suddenly came together as a novel. I published it with the publishing company I had created, Pier Avenue Publishing.  That book won two independent book festival awards (festivals for independently published books much like Sundance and the like for independent films). Its readers were so compelled by the story and premise and cared so much for the characters that it screamed “sequel”. So I wrote one.

That sequel won five independent book publishing awards. The third in the series won seven awards. My latest, published in October, 2014, has  won ten awards.

So why have I created a blog? To generate a dialogue about subjects in my books which have touched so many readers and to put a light on a series of life issues that are important and relevant to so many people.

However insecure I was with technology (even though I have published my books on my computer), I deliberately made the decision to use social media to introduce my thoughts to you and begin that dialogue with you. So here we are.

Welcome to the discussion.